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Rahn Stolworthy

769 days ago
  • Housing Justice Project - Michael (Legal - Project Owner), Destinee (Project Manager), Jacob (Legal), Rahn (SDET), Liam (Android Dev), Allison (UX Designer, Diana (UX Designer), Chris (iOS Dev): Mobile app for clients facing eviction due to lack of rental (or other documents of proof) evidence to present in legal cases
Carly H
  • LawZing - Carly (Legal), Sean (Legal), Forrest (Legal/Front-end), Carl (Designer/Dev.): Curating online legal self-help resources.
Jim L
  • Conflict Hacking - Jim (Legal & Conflict Coach), Ket (Jack-of-all-Trades Intern), Tom (Attorney & Software Developer), Dan (Consultant of All Things Code).  Conflict Hacking is a triage-style site that will guide people to information, resources, and attorneys in order to help them resolve conflicts in their lives.
Rene M
  • NLC Resource Dispersion Optimization - Sara Huang (EVP of Front End Development), David Sessoms (Senior UX Designer), Akash Badshah (Principal Solution Architect), Adelaine Shay (Legal Partner), Austin Chang (Senior Managing CSV Partner), Rene Miller (Executive API Manager): Our team is better known as the Social Justice League. Adelaine is guiding our team to develop a solution to more easily share self-help legal resources with clients that the Neighborhood Legal Clinic serves. We're creating this innovative solution through an inventive application of cutting-edge web technologies.
  • WAIAC project-  Marina Romo (Project lead from WAIAC),  Chuck Sweet (Developer),  Kristina Voros (Designer), Steve Pederzani (Law Student rep)  : Our team is building a website to help promote authentic Indian arts and crafts in Washington.
Mathias B
  • The Court Whisperer - Katherine Alteneder (Project Lead), Mathias Burton (UX), Dan Liebling (Dev), Bob Watson (UX), Taylor Lea (Dev), and Judd Deaver (Dev). Court Whisperer is a mobile application that enables people to fill out court forms by speaking and that produces a finished, properly formatted court document.

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