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Miguel Willis

770 days ago
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  • DLAW is free API for building public information websites. DLAW is developed and n supported by Legal Service Corporation (LSC) Technology Initiative Grants. For more information about DLAW see OpenAdvocate Websites service which includes DLAW hosting and technical support. http://openadvocate.org/dlaw/
Miguel W Design Ideation Tool
  • The Legal Design Toolbox is a set of resources for aspiring designers who are approaching legal challenges with a creative, generative, human-centered approach. The toolbox provides you with guides, tools, and examples to help you scope & tackle these challenges with design. The toolbox is structured by the type of challenge you’re trying to solve. Use the menu to navigate to the challenge area you think best fits the problem you’re tackling. http://www.legaltechdesign.com/LegalDesignToolbox/

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